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Marine Rescue Shoalhaven - Change Of Details

Have you changed boats and trailers? Changed your tow vehicle or your address? Dropped your mobile phone in the drink and need to let us know of your new number? Please let us know for our records.

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This is the SA number that you use to identify your vessel when you radio in to log on/off.
Postal Address
To allow us to contact you on the water
Cannot be the same as the onboard phone number. Land-based phone number in case of emergencies. We require this to check our records are correct.
We need the following information to keep our records accurate and to process your renewal.
An automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automated tracking system that displays other vessels in the vicinity.
Does you vessel have an EPIRB(Required)
Once you've purchased your beacon, you must register it with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).
Onboard Radio Type(Required)
Post Image of Vessel if a different vessel
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
It helps us at Marine Rescue Shoalhaven to have an image of your vessel. If you are replacing your vessel please upload an image for our records.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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