Small charitable donations have a huge impact

We need you alongside us on our mission to save lives on the water.

By donating to Marine Rescue NSW, you will help to support our emergency operations and to ensure our volunteers are equipped with world-class rescue vessels and equipment, such as online radio dispatch systems, automatic defibrillators and electronic navigation aids.


I want to make a Donation to Marine Rescue Shoalhaven and make a difference

You make a difference to Marine Rescue Shoalhaven when you make a contribution to our teams' rescue efforts. Plus you will help us build a state of the art Pilot House at Crookhaven Heads.

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Your generous support will help keep our teams rescue-ready. Marine Rescue NSW is registered as a deductible gift recipient (DGR). Any donations you make to Marine Rescue NSW over $2 are tax-deductible.
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Training is important and is an operational cost
Training is important and is an operational cost

Marine Rescue Shoalhaven with Surf Lifesaving unit on a rescue

Marine Rescue

Our work

Marine Rescue NSW saves lives on the water.

This is our mission, 24 hours a day, every day. Members of the boating community can be confident that when they call for help, a professionally trained and equipped Marine Rescue NSW crew will be quickly underway.

Our services to the boating community include:

  • 24/7 emergency Search and Rescue
  • The State’s only Log On and vessel tracking service for recreational boaters, giving them the confidence of knowing a professional rescue service is keeping watch
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of marine radio for distress calls from boaters in trouble along the NSW coastline
Shoalhaven 20 heading up the river to a vessel in trouble
Our vessels are expensive to operate

Your Donation Will Help Us

We need money to:

  • $50 buys 40 minutes of fuel on our boats
  • $100 buys a replacement hand microphone for a Pilot House radio
  • $200 covers most of the costs to assist a vessel inside the Banks
  • $300 buys a replacement tow rope
  • $500 covers a significant part of the replacement of a single Pilot House radio ( we need four radios)!
We got the crew home safe
We got the crew home safe
The boat did not make It but the kids onboard did.
The boat did not make It but the kids onboard did.
Shoalhaven 30 preparing to tow a distressed vessel to safety
100's of litres of fuel every rescue

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Calling for help in an emergency


How to Log on & Log off with Marine Rescue


expired flare disposal


Marine Rescue NSW Radio Bases Log On along nsw coast

You can join us in our mission to save lives on the water

You can help keep us on the water by becoming a member of Marine Rescue Shoalhaven.

Generous support from individuals, businesses and organizations like you help keep our services running and ready for those in need.

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