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Marine Rescue Shoalhaven


Marine Rescue Shoalhaven is a Unit of Marine Rescue NSW, the only recognised volunteer Marine Rescue organisation in NSW.  The base station (callsign: Marine Rescue Shoalhaven) is located in The Pilot Station at Crookhaven Heads where staff have views over the Crookhaven Bar and Shoalhaven Bight to Gerroa and Black Head. Between sunrise and sunset, the Pilot Station staff log vessels on and off as they put to and return from the sea. They monitor Marine Distress frequencies 24 hours a day and co-ordinate Marine Search and Rescue operations. Members wishing to talk to the Watch-keeper or Radio Operator on Duty can do so on 02 4447 4466 between 6.00am and 4.00pm.

Frequencies Monitored:

27.88 mHz - 27.90 mHz

VHF Channels 16 - 73 - 81

Weather Reports:

Marine Rescue Shoalhaven provides weather updates and forecasts to fishermen, both professional and amateur, as well as to local media and other marine operators. Search and Rescue Coordination Centre

A SARCC is a specially designated facility, equipped and accredited to monitor maritime radio distress frequencies for the purpose of receiving distress calls and coordinating maritime search and rescue operations. Such a coordination centre must:-

  1. satisfy the requirements for and hold a Marine Rescue (Limited Coast) Station and/or a Limited Coast Station radio licence
  2. be staffed by qualified Search and Rescue Coordinators and Radio Operators; and
  3. be operational, at a minimum, between the hours of sunrise and sunset daily, and at other times of the day, monitor those frequencies at a place equipped for that purpose

Please be aware that the sea state on the river can be just as choppy in parts as it is outside the bar, particularly in the exposed area around lower Numbaa so do take care on the water. 

Management Team:

Unit Commander - Bill Carter

Deputy Unit Commander - Kevin Knudsen

Training Officer - Bill Smith

Boat Manager/Boat Roster - Mike Boadle

Fund Raising/Open Day Co-ordinator - Danielle Carter

Administration - Garth Buchanan

Radio Room Co-ordinator - John Eltherington

Treasurer - Ray Jones

Market Co-ordinator - Dave Kitchener


Non-Executive Members

Welfare Officer - Joy Allerton

Meat Raffle Co-ordinator - Jacky Klausen

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